About Us

OhLaDeDa is a boutique designed and built for the Plus Size, Curvy, Full-Figure, Voluptuous,  Whatever Description You Like Woman.

Spending a life of battling weight and staying slim, I now am what is considered plus size. With that came a brand new shopping experience. I couldn't put just anything on and have it fit. The fabrics, patterns and designs changed and I found it very difficult to find trendy fashionable clothes for my new body.  My self-esteem took a beating. I knew I wasn't alone. That other woman struggled with the same dilemma. And so with this struggle "OhLaDeDa" was born.

A place where the above average size woman can shop. My goal is to have fashionable, trendy, edgy, different styles of clothing for you. To find fashions that are NOT your grandmothers closet.  To find  true plus sizes. You will also find handbags, scarves, jewelry, hats and other surprises. The boutique has now been open four years.  OhLaDeDa has seen  changes and growth in which you will be a significant part of. My mantra, "LOVE THE WOMAN YOU ARE!"  We are beautiful woman no matter what the package. No matter what magazines and runways tell us. We are strong and we are powerful. 

Thanks for visiting the on-line store. It will grow and improve as I improve.

Cheers Terri